Our Premium Hand-Selected Shrimp!

Special Occasions 

Delicious Gulf shrimp make birthdays, holidays and family gatherings special. Our individually fresh-frozen shrimp allow you to use what you need and keep the rest frozen for later.

Our ShrimpDelivery.Net business is for sale. If interested, please call 850.308.7000.

ShippingAlert-Due to extreme heat our shipments are only being sent to states east of the Mississippi River.

Frozen is Freshest!  Our Premium Hand-Selected Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp areIndividually Quick-Frozen (IQF) at the North Florida Fishery this preserves freshness, allowing you to use some now, save the rest for later. Freezing preserves without chemicals. 

Great-Tasting Shrimp Make Any Occasion Special!

ShrimpDelivery.Net  Fresh Wild Caught Hand SelectedGulf Shrimp are the best-tasting shrimp money can buy!

Delicious Hand Selected Gulf Shrimp, Delivered Right To Your Door!

Premium Hand Selected Wild Caught American Shrimp

Our "Wild  Caught" shrimp are harvested in the northeastern  panhandle area of Florida's Gulf of Mexico. Each shrimp is selected for premium quality and then packaged (IQF) in a two pound bag. 

   Weddings at the Beach

Ask your caterer to use premium-quality, fresh-frozen, Wild American shrimp from ShrimpDelivery.Net. 

Questions? Call or text us at 850-308-7000.

Cookouts at Your Beach Condo or Vacation House 

Grilled shrimp goes great with friends, family and sunsets on the beach. We deliver fresh-frozen shrimp right to your door.